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In this webinar we will take you on an international tour of social farming. Three Erasmus projects will disseminate their outcome, the specifics about these projects you can read below. We will also take you on an international tour through England, Norway and Austria. Professionals from these countries will tell you what a social farm looks like and how social care is arranged in their country.
Due to its international character of this webinar, it will be held in English.

Marjolein Elings is scientist Green Care at the department of Agrosystems Research of Wageningen University, the Netherlands. She is working in the field of Social Farming for more than 15 years.
Marjolein Elings will tell us in the webinar about two Erasmus projects: What valuable elements do care farms have for different target groups? Lessons learnt from research in SoFarTEAM ( ) and Green4C ( ), this  is a three-year project innovating and promoting nature-based solutions for health, well-being, and social inclusion.

Tineke Otten, has been a teacher for 25 years at NHL Stenden, and a social farmer herself for almost 16 years. She is now a full time developer of care farm studies.
Tineke Otten will tell us about the following project: The main goal of the Social FARMS project is the realization of training material for the socifoto tinekeal farm tutor, the farm manager and the care coordinator. It will include training the competences necessary for the specialization of key professionals in the social farming sector through the use and adaptation of agricultural activities to the needs of people with different types of disabilities for rehabilitation and therapeutic purposes.

Wanneer: maandag 3 oktober 19.30-21.30 uur. Geef je hier op.

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